May 15, 2022

Covid-19 Update for April and May

Central Coast Haematology remain very concerned about the high numbers of COVID-19 cases in our local community. Approximately 1 in 50 people on the Central Coast have been formally diagnosed with COVID-19 in the last week and the true number of cases is likely to be much higher. We want to encourage our patients, their families and friends to ensure they remain uptodate with COVID-19 vaccinations.
ATAGI has recommended an additional COVID-19 winter booster dose for those at higher risk of serious illness. This should be administered 4 months after your first booster.
People are eligible for an additional winter COVID-19 booster vaccine (second booster dose) if they are:
• Aged 65 years or over
• Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander person aged 50 years and over
• A resident of an aged care or disability care facility
• Aged 16 years and over and severely immunocompromised (for this group the winter booster dose will be the fifth COVID-19 vaccine dose (three primary doses, first booster and winter booster).