Dr Shalini Balendran

Clinical and Laboratory Haematologist 

Dr Shalini Balendran obtained her medical qualifications at the University of Newcastle. She subsequently completed her haematology training at Westmead and Royal North Shore Hospital in Sydney. Her commitment to excellence led her to pursue a lymphoma fellowship at Alfred Health, Melbourne in 2023.  

As a dual-trained Clinical and Laboratory Haematologist, Dr Balendran offers comprehensive care in managing a wide range of malignant and non-malignant haematological conditions. Her clinical expertise includes lymphoma, leukaemia, multiple myeloma, clotting disorders, undifferentiated full blood count abnormalities and more.

She has unique experience in cutting-edge treatments options such as CAR-T cell therapy and bispecific antibodies.

She provides exceptional care through a patient-centred approach, building strong relationships with her patients and working closely with a patient’s extended medical team.

Outside of her practice, Dr Balendran is actively involved in medical student teaching and research initiatives aimed at advancing the field of haematology.

Specialist Qualifications and Affiliations

Bachelor of Medicine

Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians

Fellow of the Royal College of Pathologists of Australasia


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