Jacqui Jagger

Jacqui Jagger

Haematology Nurse Practitioner 

Jacqui qualified as a registered nurse in 1990 in the north-east of England. She started her career in Haematology in 1995. Over the next five years, she became the nursing lead for haematology at Hull Royal Infirmary. She completed a Diploma in Cancer Nursing and a BA (HONS) in palliative care (specialist practitioner award). In the year 2000, as a Nurse Unit Manager, she opened a dedicated haematology and stem cell transplant unit.

She moved to Australia in 2003 with her young family and commenced work in the Gosford Cancer Day Unit in 2004 following short stints at the Sydney Adventist Hospital and Sydney Haematology & Oncology Clinics (SHOC).

Jacqui became the Haematology Cancer Nurse Coordinator in 2005. The role was quickly adapted to meet the community’s  needs, which was to  provide education and support to people newly diagnosed with 
a haematological disorder and manage patients with complex health requirements due to their disease’s treatment. 

Over the next six years working with colleagues, Jacqui set up various advanced nursing practice outpatient programs such as the chronic transfusion program, myeloma support group, outpatient management of patients with myelodysplastic syndrome and specific acute leukaemias.

She commenced a  Nurse Practitioner Masters degree at Sydney University to further expand her advanced nursing practice. 

She completed this in 2015 becoming endorsed the following year and gaining a position within Central Coast Health. As a nurse practitioner, Jacqui has her own caseload of patients that she manages in collaboration with their haematologist. The nurse practitioner role aims to ‘value add’  by not only clinically assessing, ordering tests, interpreting those tests, diagnosing, and prescribing but also focussing on holistic care of the patient and family with education, support, life-style management and promotion of ‘wellness’.

In September 2020 joined the practice of Dr Cecily Forsyth’s practice one day per week. Together they have developed a collaborative service framework that aims to deliver improved access to services within a streamlined care delivery model. They work closely together discussing patient results, symptoms and coping to ensure that care plans are individualised.

Current Appointments

Central Coast Local Health District Gosford and Wyong Hospital

Specialist Qualifications and Affiliations

HSANZ NG NSW committee member

HSANZ Special Practice Network (Myeloma) committee member

NSW Representative CNSA Nurse Practitioner Special Practice Network member

CNPA (Cancer Nurse Practitioner Australia) member

ACNP (Australian College of Nurse Practitioners) member

MDS Foundation Nurses Leadership Board (International body) member

CNSA/COSA member

NSW Nurses association member


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